Wednesday, July 12, 2006

$200 Billion Broadband Scandal


The Harms and Outcome

* Costs to Customers — We estimate that $206 billion dollars in excess profits and tax deductions were collected — over $2000 per household. (This is the low estimate.)
* Cost to the Country — About $5 trillion dollars to the economy. America lost a decade of technological innovation and economic growth, about $500 billion annually.
* Cost to the Country — America is now 16th in the world in broadband. While Korea and Japan have 40-100 Mbps at cheap prices, America is still at kilobyte speeds.
* The New Digital Divide — The phone companies current plans are to pick and choose where and when they want to deploy fiber services, if at all.
* Competitor Close Out — SBC, BellSouth and Verizon now claim that they can control who uses the networks and at what price, impacting everything from VOIP and municipality roll outs to new services from Ebay and Google.

I want my 45 Mbps pipe!


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