Tuesday, December 20, 2005

More on the missing TIA

Another place where some of the TIA initiatives may have moved is the aforementioned ARDA (links to archive.org). So what is ARDA?

The Advanced Research and Development Activity (ARDA) is an Intelligence Community (IC) center for conducting advanced research and development related to information technology (IT) (information stored, transmitted, or manipulated by electronic means). ARDA sponsors high risk, high payoff research designed to produce new technology to address some of the most important and challenging IT problems faced by the intelligence community. The research is currently organized into four technology thrusts, Information Exploitation, Quantum Information Science, Global Infosystems Access and Novel Intelligence from Massive Data.

Although the site is down, more information on what ARDA does can be found in their Call for 2005 Challenge Workshop Proposals:

The 2005 Challenge Problems will focus on the following technical areas of interest, although ARDA may also consider compelling proposals that fall outside these areas:
1. Information Exploitation (Info-X, http://www.ic-arda.org/InfoExploit/index.html) in particular the VACE and AQUAINT programs.
2. Novel Intelligence from Massive Data (NIMD)
3. Advanced Capabilities for Intelligence Analysis (ACIA)
4. Information Assurance (IA)
5. Advanced Imaging (as a seedling workshop)
6. Nanoelectronics for High Performance Computing (as a seedling workshop)

More bleeding edge IT work.


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