Friday, December 23, 2005

More on ARDA

While ARDA's site may be down, it is easy to find information on some of their programs.

Aquaint doesn't ask questions. It wants to model the information seeking activity. In terms of TIA, this seems to be part of the processes of "Structured argumentation and evidential reasoning" and "Story telling".

VACE is the another easily recognizable project in the TIA program that has been moved over to ARDA. It's a combination of "Biometric signatures of humans" and possibly "Human network analysis and behavior model building engines". The project aims to monitor foreign news casts and "automatically detect, extract, and report high interest people, patterns, and trends in visual content".

ENVIE is another project being pursued by ARDA. ENVIE tries to overcome some of the "Foreign language machine translation and speech recognition" problems by using visual cues to link together relevant information.


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